Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not quite sleeping in it

Well, I'm not quite sleeping in it, but I might if it wasn't a turtleneck. I actually finished it in Spring 07, but didn't have cold enough temps to start wearing it til this winter. It's the Evergreen Aran, by Kristen Nicholas. Yarn was the recommended and now not available Classic Elite Evergreen, a recycled wool that is supposed to have cashmere in it. I managed to find it on ebay some time ago, but was one skein short, so, its a bit shorter which I actually like. I'm not a bobble wearer, though they're fun to make, so I didn't add them. Knit up on US 5 and 7s. Fun cables, though they require close attention, at least for me.

I just got back from California, where I was having a "mom" visit- and hmm, what a coincidence- Stitches West just happened to be a 20 minute drive away. I got to the Market on Friday, and had a little splurge. More on that next time. Maybe even some photos.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Busting through

After years of lurking about everyone else's blogs, I've decided to give it a shot; I'm blasting through my reluctance to be public, but, I think it could be a healthy thing for me. I'm such a hermit.

But, oh, I do love fiber and color. My mom taught me to knit and crochet when I was, um, maybe 6 or 7. Over all these years, I've left the knitting a number of times, always returning with increased obsession. Has the obsession grown with age? Or, have I just learned how to BE more obsessive as I age? Whatever it is, it makes me feel so great to watch the stitches move along the needles, or, as a newbie spinner, feel the fiber slide between my fingers onto the bobbin....

I'm not sure where to start. Being an ex-museum professional, my inclination is to document, from the beginning. Being an ex-museum professional, I suck at documentation on a personal level. I did great at work, but at home, no way! We'll see where it all goes, and if you're interested, follow along.