Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And February is Fini!

YIPPEE! Month TWO is complete, and I can now move on to March. The lovely NZ Perendale I posted earlier about is plied, washed, dried, and waiting for use. The 100 or so gr/3.8 oz turned into 500 yards of 18 wpi tasty stuff. I'm really looking forward to knitting with it, but I've got one important project to finish in the next few days first. Then, I'll think about the Perendale,

but more importantly, WHAT WILL MARCH BE? I might be on the road the last week of the month, so I'm not sure how much fiber to take on. I've got some gray E. Friesian I'd like to blend with black alpaca, but that could take more time than March. I'll dig through the bins and see what catches my eye.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Spin Down, Voila!

I was gone for this past week, and wanted to add photos of my completed Stash Spin Down for January.

Again, it's the Sincere Sheep discussed in the previous post.

I have no idea what I'll do with it, but with about 170 yds of 7 wpi there are some options.

I spun singles at 24 wpi.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spinning my Stash Down 2011

After considering adding some pressure to my life, I've decided what the hell, and I'm going to seriously work on clearing out the stash bins. Janelle Laidman's Spindlicity Stash Down 2011, here I come!

For January, just under 4 oz of Sincere Sheep Blackberry fiber I purchase a fews year ago at Black Sheep, with no plan in mind. I had spun some nice green Sincere Sheep some months prior, and liked it so much, I wanted more(of course). Well, did I do anything with it? Of course not. While this Blackberry is not quite as soft as the green was, I still like it, and well, it's purple. And, I have some light worsted natural colors that need some companions for knitting, so, off we go.... now to make my committment public.