Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lovin' the "Love Beret"

Well, the mitts got set aside(and are actually getting frogged-more on that later) for a new project using some handspun from the stash. We're still having some cold spells here, and I'm getting tired of my V. Avery beret, as much as I like it. The new issue of has a great pattern from Janel Laidman, the "Because of Love" Beret. Janel, I love your "Love" Beret!

It only took 119 yards of A Verb for Keeping Warm Merino, in the shade "Nightengale". It's 12 wpi, and I knit it right up on #5 Clover circs. I have take a shot of the finished and blocked beret, but for now, here it is in progress. I followed her suggestion of blocking it on a dinner plate- fantastic idea!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

V's Wine and Roses mitts

I've made these a few times previously, but for some reason these are taking some time. I love the yarn, it's Shibui Sock from the stash. One of it's attributes I adore is the nice tight twist; but I'm wondering if it was a poor choice for these mitts. Perhaps a softer yarn would have been better. I wanted them to wear well, and I thought she'd like the color. Anyway, I'm nearly done with the first one, just have to do the thumb now.

V is my sil, and she spends a lot of time at her home office computer. She and my brother live in N. Florida, in an old house, and when we were there recently, she mentioned how cold her hands get. I hope these help, but I better get my butt in gear and finish them up, or they'll sit til next winter. I'm knitting them up with some Inox 2s- I've given up on bamboo for small needles, I constantly break them!