Friday, January 15, 2010

Mary Scott Huff class coming up!

I'm quite excited; I rarely spend the money to take classes, so this is treat!

Next week, Mary Scott Huff is coming to Wild Purls, our great little LYS, to teach some classes and sign her new book, "The New Stranded Colorwork". I signed up for a "Sassy Selbuvotter" class, which should be a true challenge since I haven't knit colorwork for eternity. We'll be doing a mitten pattern called "Queen of Hearts", and are supposed to bring a DK weight yarn in 3-5 colors with needles to result in a gauge of 6 st/in. Well, I want to use some of my Nature's Palette fingering weight stash- so that works out to size 1 needles. Now fingering isn't exactly DK weight, is it? Maybe I should ask..... oh rock the boat a bit, right?

Rather than posting a photo of my box of NP stash, I'll just leave a link to her website- and make sure to read her blog- it's a hoot!

okay, I'm adding this a few hours later- I read an old review of NP fingering on Knitter's Review, and a gauge of 6/in resulted from #5s! SO, I've knitted a little swatch to see if I can get that, and if I like the fabric. More later.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cute new accessory!

I've been meaning to post about this, so here it is- from an Etsy shop, Moonteaartwork. Very sweet and handy little zippered pouch that will hold my dp needles. It's hand printed on linen, and lined, and cute to boot. Affordable, and should solve my constant problem of losing/misplacing those damn little needles. I'm sure you could think of many other practical fiber related uses for a pouch such as this. Check out her shop!

Monday, January 4, 2010

catching up, not

possible. But, I'll give it a shot.

There's been a lot of fiber activity the past couple months, just no bloggin.
November was heavily punctuated with fiber, mostly due to a visit from my spinning/knitting bud, KC. Since I've got two wheels, she left hers behind and I spun on the old handmedown Ashford, and I let her use the LittleGem since she's got one too. We had a grand time, playing with samples she brought with her- we played with the drum carder, combs, and left pieces of fluff all over the house driving T crazy. Didn't take too many photos, unfortunately.

After she left, we decided to spin one of our Tactile club fibers and compare long distance. The winner was the July Targhee logwood- I needed a break from laceweight, so I spun this up.

I split off a few sections of red, and spun the purple and red up separately, at 12 wpi. I enjoy spinning targhee, but after spinning it laceweight, and now this, I prefer the finer weight. My cousin A asked for mittens, so I thought this targhee would be nice.

The pattern is from the Summer 08 issue of Spin-Off, by Mavis Adam. I didn't line them- she lives in California, for pete's sake!