Monday, January 4, 2010

catching up, not

possible. But, I'll give it a shot.

There's been a lot of fiber activity the past couple months, just no bloggin.
November was heavily punctuated with fiber, mostly due to a visit from my spinning/knitting bud, KC. Since I've got two wheels, she left hers behind and I spun on the old handmedown Ashford, and I let her use the LittleGem since she's got one too. We had a grand time, playing with samples she brought with her- we played with the drum carder, combs, and left pieces of fluff all over the house driving T crazy. Didn't take too many photos, unfortunately.

After she left, we decided to spin one of our Tactile club fibers and compare long distance. The winner was the July Targhee logwood- I needed a break from laceweight, so I spun this up.

I split off a few sections of red, and spun the purple and red up separately, at 12 wpi. I enjoy spinning targhee, but after spinning it laceweight, and now this, I prefer the finer weight. My cousin A asked for mittens, so I thought this targhee would be nice.

The pattern is from the Summer 08 issue of Spin-Off, by Mavis Adam. I didn't line them- she lives in California, for pete's sake!

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