Thursday, December 23, 2010

C'est la vie

oh well, last time here was July.... I kinda thought I could just play catch up, but that's not going to happen. Too much knitting and spinning since then.

I did just finish more items for Afghans; I sent off mittens and a sweater last month, and after the Xmas rush I'll send these off.

I've been digging in my "small amounts" of handspun basket, and now have a bag of yarn I can continue to use for Afghans projects. Some are leftovers from larger projects, some are just samples of fibers I wanted to try out. All together, or combined with other commercial or handspun yarns, they make for warm items for kids who need to keep out the cold. I really enjoy knitting them up, and knowing they'll go to a really good purpose.

On a non-charity level, I recently finished up my first Anne Hanson/Knitspot pattern, Cite. (I just can't find where on my keyboard to get that accent I need.) I knit it from some Toots fiber that KC passed on to me- it's got angora, so she needed to cast it aside. There are clumps of angora scattered about the skein, which I kind of like. I made the larger size, but don't know where it will go yet. I wanted to send it to KC, but for obvious reasons, she can't wear it.

I just started my third attempt to use some Butternut Woolens yarn I bought years ago at Black Sheep Gathering. It's a lovely lavender, Aran weight, and so far I've tried a cardigan, a cabled vest, Bramblewood, and now, I'm giving another try to a vest, but not a pullover. I've only just cast on, so if I get more than 10 rows into it, then I'll start to take photos.

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