Thursday, May 21, 2009

Overwhelmed with color

Yes, I believe I am overwhelmed- with color- it's spring here in Montana, and there's so much happening outside in the yard! Every day, something new opens, or is almost open so you can see what's to come. I love this time of year. I can't help but flash back one year, when it was difficult to enjoy spring- but at the same time- it helped me get through each day and the chemo.

Well, that's behind me, and inside, is a riot of hues to overwhelm me as well. First, I joined Tactile Fiber Arts'(see sidebar) new Fiber Club, and the first shipment arrived recently. Its 2 twists of naturally dyed Finn; the solid yellow is pure weld, and the painted twist is weld, quebracho red, and indigo. If I can find the photo, I'll add one that shows them out in the yard with the rock tulips.....

In the meantime, here's more Tactile; this is some of their wonderful Wensleydale, color Kelp.
I purchased 4 oz at Stitches West, and spun my first 3 ply, getting 225 yards at 17 wpi. What will I do with it? Just pet it, for now.

Guess I haven't been knitting much, but I am working on a project, which I'll take some shots of and show it later. Right now I'm in spinning mode. I'm taking two classes in June, and I'd really like to feel more comfortable with the new wheel before then. I took the Little Gem with me to CA earlier this month to hang out with my mom for M's day. My first time taking it on a plane, and it travelled quite well- even in the very tiny overheads that Horizon uses between here and Seattle! I took some very new fiber with me that I purchased "cold" from etsy shop bricolagable. It's naturally dyed Falklands, and I'm really happy with it. Nice preparation and the colors are rich and well distributed. This is the first of the two colors I bought, Cranberry Clot. Check out Lauren's shop and her dye work. And, eyeball her great labels- she uses the color strips from paint stores!

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